In Practice

How Right to Play evaluates the outcomes of the Partners in Play (P3) Project

The goal of the Partners in Play (P3) project is to improve the quality of education for Ghanaian girls and boys aged 4-12 through a scalable and replicable Learning through Play (LtP) model. 

To achieve this, improving the capacity of the Ghanaian education sector to integrate LtP to deliver the curriculum is seen as an important step. One capacity building activity in this programme is the Reading Through Play e-training course, in which the first-line beneficiaries are primary- and secondary-grade teachers.

For the monitoring, evaluation and learning component of this course, the quality of the course content and the delivery of the e-training are evaluated. This is done by measuring improvements in knowledge, attitudes and practices of participants.

The LMS platform which hosts the e-training course has an embedded reporting system that tracks reach and individual progression. In the areas where the LMS cannot evaluate a user’s behaviour and attitude, a pre- and post-survey is directly incorporated in the e-training course that must be filled out by each participant.

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