In Practice

How Right to Play collected data about the target group for the Reading Through Play CPD

The participants of the Reading Through Play course, run by Right to Play (RtP), are primary- and secondary-grade teachers who are part of a project called Partners in Play (P3). This is a project in Ghana to improve the quality of education through a scalable learning-through-play model. One of the main activities is training teachers. A Continuum of Teacher Training approach is used where the training is developed from a child-centred learning lens. 

We considered the teachers’ digital skills level when piloting the course. Therefore, we surveyed teachers in:

Digital Literacy
• knowledge of a computer/laptop/mobile device
• navigating the internet
• using mobile apps

• how and when they use their mobile device
• how they accessed Internet

Equipment specifications
• type of mobile device they use
• version of operating system on their mobile device
• version of web browser on their mobile device
• available data storage

Based on the responses, we conducted an in-person orientation and distributed a step-by-step guide on how to access the course. The workbook included short tutorials on how to interact with activities in each module. We also ensured the course was accessible on mobile devices and offline. The variation among teachers’ answers led us to incorporate a basic ICT training in the CPD.

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